Cat cafes. It's a relatively new concept sweeping the nation--a way to help our feline friends in the community, raise funds and, of course, kick back and have a good time.

Many of you may be asking, "what exactly is a cat cafe?" Well, it's almost exactly what the name describes: it's a cafe which serves food and beverages and also provides a relaxed environment for kitty cats to hang out and find new homes. All the cats are clean, healthy and looking for love and to be adopted.

I first saw the concept on Shark Tank and thought, "Man, what a great idea!" As many of you know, I love animals but kitty cats hold a very special place in my heart. Any concept that helps aid these majestic animals is a great idea in my book.

Now that amazing concept has come to Dutchess County. Welcome, Morgan's Cat Cafe in Red Hook. According to their website, this non-profit is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley and offers more than just your typical cat cafe.

"Morgan's Cat Cafe is special because it is not only a cafe housing adoptable cats, it is also a kitten/cat rescue. The rescue efforts of Morgan's Cat Cafe will focus on feral and orphaned cats and kittens in our area. There are presently thousands of homeless cats in Dutchess County alone. Without rescue efforts such as TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release), fostering, and adoption efforts these cats are in jeopardy of starving, injury, and breeding which leads to a life of suffering. Our efforts will make a significant impact on the quality of life for homeless cats in our area."

Now before you start getting a little weirded out about kitty cats and food being in the same place, worry not. Board of Health regulations do require the cats to be in a separate space from the food areas. According to the website, the cats will be housed in a special large enclosure, but not cages! They are free to roam and play in the enclosure which gives them plenty of space.

So head down to the cafe, enjoy a variety of yummy treats like ice cream, sandwiches, pizza and more. And heck, while you're there, bring home a new friend or two... or three. Adopting my fur babies was the best thing I ever did... oh, except for marring my hubby. (I have to say that, right?"


You can also donate to their ongoing fundraising campaign, just click here to help a cute little kitty today!