Ever been stuck in the traffic around the Woodbury Commons? Ever been stuck on the Route 32 overpass over Route 17 and felt it bounce up and down...and KINDA wonder how strong the bridge really is? Try to get to your family in Central Valley and get completely messed up in the hours long holiday traffic?


Governor Cuomo recently announced a huge, accelerated plan to improve the traffic at the New York State Thruway Exit 16/Woodbury Interchange. According to The Photo News, some of the projects being worked on are:

  • Replacing the Route 32 bridge
  • Revamping the Park and Ride
  • Redoing the Route 17 exit onto the Thurway
  • Adaptive traffic signal system to deal with the changing traffic issues

Route 32 in Central Valley can be a nightmare, and this is going to be a much needed fix. It will also create 600 temporary jobs and cost $150 million.