We've all had it happen where a piece of mail or a package will errantly be delivered to our house.  But what if it was hundreds of packages?

That's what happened to Jillian Cannan and her family recently according to WIVB.

This wasn't just a package or two that had a mistake in the address.  It was literally hundreds of packages that had her address on every single one.

What do you do if you get a package that isn't yours?

If it comes from the post office, normally you can write "Return To Sender" on the package and leave it in your mailbox.  Your postal carrier will then take it back to the address marked as the return address.  But if it comes from Amazon, you call Amazon.  Which is exactly what Jillian Cannan did.

Why wouldn't Amazon just take the packages back?

Cannan says she called them to report that she hadn't ordered the packages.  After checking they found that the person who had ordered them didn't have an Amazon account so they had no way of tracking them.

So does she get to keep them?

According to Amazon, they were delivered to the address that was given to them so they are at the correct house.  They told her that she could keep them.

So what's the problem?

She doesn't want them!  If this was hundreds of packages of something that she would use, this probably wouldn't even be a story.  But the packages are just boxes and boxes of silicone inserts that people use for masks.  They're meant to keep your mask from rubbing up against your lipstick or to make it easier for you to breathe when you exercise.

What will she do with them if she can't find the person who ordered them?

Her plan is to just donate them to someone who can use them. Until then...she's stuck with them!  Click here to read more.


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