So Monopoly has done it again, they are making moves to get rid of another classic player piece. In 2013, they took out the iron and replaced it with a cat. This January, Monopoly and Hasbro launched another contest to see which player piece should go and which should stay.

We are not going to find out who the new piece is that will be joining the race-car, the top hat, the shoe, the wheel barrow, the battleship, the cat and the Scottie dog.

When I found out that this year the thimble was going to be replaced, I kind of freaked out a little. When my two sisters and I would play the game, there were specific pieces that would always fight over who wanted to use. The thimble was one and I remember the other being the baby shoe.

The thimble probably because it reminded us of our grandmother. She was forever mending something and she always wore a thimble when she was sewing.

So I asked the WRRV listeners if they had a special piece that they loved to use when they played Monopoly. Here is what they had to say, via phone calls and texts to 845-451-9778 (WRRV):

  • Gina from Warwick, said it was the shoe for her
  • The Race Car, for quite a few people via text
  • The Top Hat, for a few others.

So maybe this is the reason that the thimble will be no more in the game of Monopoly. What will be taking it's place? We have to wait until March 19, 2017 for the big reveal.