Harry Potter fans, you already know the day, it's July 29. It is Harry Potter's Birthday. Are you planning to celebrate? There are several bookstores in the area that will be celebrating. This begs the question, 'What do you get the wizard who probably has everything?"

The bookstore that will be celebrating include the Barnes & Noble locations in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown and Kingston. During the day on Saturday July 29, 2017 each of those locations will have cosplay, HP activities and giveaways.

Want to hold your own Harry Potter birthday party? Here are a few ideas from Parenting.com for things to include at your celebration:

  • Have a non-alcoholic version of Butter beer, by adding vanilla ice cream to cream soda and serve it in plastic mugs.
  • Serve a cake that is shaped like or decorated with an owl.

From Buzzfeed.com there are also some good suggestions, which include:

  • Send out invitations to the party that look like acceptance letters to Hogwarts
  • Find some Harry Potter props and have people take selfies with them.
  • Make sure each guest gets a 'wand' made out of tree branches
  • Use ice cream cones (the waffle cone style) to create wizard hats on cupcakes

Do you celebrate Harry Potter's birthday? What have you done to celebrate it in the past?