Yes, I ate a sandwich from Rossi's out of the trash can and I don't even care. Why? Hear me out.

Have you ever eaten food of of the trash before? You probably haven't and that's fine. There seems to be common idea that you shouldn't eat out of the trash can and for good reason. The trash can attract all kinds of bugs, germs and bacteria. According to Soft Scrub, the average waste basket has over 400 living bacteria per square inch inside.

That is pretty gross but is it worth the risk for some pretty delicious food? I guess that's debatable.

My wife gave birth recently and for 9 months she couldn't eat cold cuts. This means she couldn't enjoy a sandwich from her favorite deli in the Hudson Valley, Rossi's Deli. It was torture for her. I can believe it because it's a lot of people's favorite. The first meal she demanded after she gave birth and got out of the hospital was one of their sandwiches. I quickly and happily ran out to get it for her. She ate half the sandwich and then admitted that her eyes were bigger than her stomach. She ended up wrapping the rest of the sandwich and throwing it in the garbage can.

I couldn't believe it. I may not have been following the 10 second rule but I ended up pulling it out of the trash and eating the rest of it? Am I crazy for doing this?

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