Do you think I could go for some kind of world record?

Okay, so I have missed a few texts messages lately. A few or 80.

Am I a total piece of crap for not checking my texts?

I don't check all of my text messages. I guess I'm afraid that they're just trying to reach me about my extended warranty.

I'll be the fist to admit that I'm terrible at checking my texts and my voicemails. Does that make me a bad person.

You've probably heard of "ghosting" someone before. That's when you completely stop talking to someone. More often than not it's someone that you are dating or in the early stages of a relationship with. I'd be lying if I said that I've never ghosted someone before. I'm not proud of it but sometimes instead of pulling off the bandage it's just easier to forget the wound is there all together.

Have you heard about "brosting" someone? That's one of the newest terms and it's way worse than ditching a lover. It's when you ignore your friends when they reach out. I'm guilty of this as well and it makes me feel awful. At least I should take some comfort that my obvious disregard for people reaching out to me isn't discriminatory.

I could honestly have the most missed messages in the Hudson Valley. Do you have 88 beat? Can you prove it? I'd say let me know but if you can't even get back to your friends I doubt you would take the time to answer me.

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