We've become accustomed to celebrity sightings in the Hudson Valley lately, as it feels like they're always popping up at various restaurants and local businesses, especially since so much filming has been happening in the area lately.  Just last week this wildly popular broadway powerhouse was visiting Rhinebeck, a Stranger Things star was spotted at just south of the Hudson Valley, and remember the Hawk on Hawke action in Orange County just a few months back?

This past Sunday, August 14th, if you woke up craving pancakes you weren't the only one...so did Ice T and Coco, and no, I'm not talking about the drinks, I'm talking about the celebrities.

Ice T, Coco & Daughter Chanel Dine with Shark Daymond John at Village Pancake Factory Pleasant Valley

Imagine heading out to the local pancake joint on a Sunday morning, barely awake, sipping your coffee and you have to do a double take because you thought you just saw Detective Tutuola from Law and Order SVU walking through the restaurant.  Nope you weren't dreaming, SVU fan-favorite 'Fin' - aka - Ice T, was getting his pancake on with wife Coco, daughter Chanel, and another celebrity that is no stranger to the Hudson Valley, and the Pancake Factory, Shark Daymond John.  You may remember the Shark enjoyed a meal at the Poughkeepsie Galleria location of the Village Pancake Factory back in November, and reportedly lives in the area.

Based on their social media posts, it looks like they were loving their meals, as both Coco and Daymond shared videos on their Instagram stories of towering waffles with whipped cream and topped with candy.  We have reached out to the staff at the Pleasant Valley location of the Village Pancake Factory to find out the inside scoop on what they ordered, and how their morning with these celebrity diners were.

What would you do if you bumped into this crew in the Hudson Valley?

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