You may have read the news not long ago about the Olympic Diner on Washington Avenue in Kingston. The article stated that there was a chance that the historic diner would be demolished to make room for a new storage facility. But at the time of the article, there was still a chance that it may not happen. '

Sadly, the Olympic Diner has announced that it would indeed be closing its doors.

I was looking on Facebook the other day when I came upon a letter from the owners of the Olympic Diner. The letter stated that the diner would be closing for good on Monday, Sept. 12. The letter went on to thank the patrons, staff, and the community for the business and support they’ve given over the years. How sad. Even though there are a lot of diners in the Hudson Valley, it seems like you can never have too many. And now there will be one less.

If it’s a storage facility that is replacing the diner, that’s even sadder to me. There are so many storage facilities already. And it seems that there are more being built every day.

No kidding, every time I see a new big building going up, it turns out to be a storage place. Do the people in the Hudson Valley really have so much stuff that we need that many places to store it? Doesn’t the need for so much storage mean that maybe we should be cleaning out and paring down? Just a thought.

I wish the owners of the Olympic Diner the very best. They have a long and successful history in the Kingston area, and the residents are going to miss them sorely. You can see that by reading the posts on Facebook. It looks as though the owners will be retiring, so I hope they have a happy retirement and know that they’ve made a whole community happier and less hungry.

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