It is difficult to find affordable living situations if you want everything up to code and legal. Some homes in The City Of Newburgh have been found to be converted to house more than the legal capacity of the building.

According to an article found on One house is zoned as a single family home however, it was illegally converted into 13 separate units. This increases a landlords potential profits however the quality of living space is degraded. Maximizing profits is understandable, especially in the high risk real estate industry but this should not be at the expense of tenants safety.

For most of us, when we move out of our parents homes for the first time, we take whatever apartment is affordable. Being inexperienced at living alone, most of us tolerate major safety hazards simply because we can't afford better. These are exactly the type of tenants some landlords look for.

The City of Newburgh plans on making efforts to inspect rental properties as well as single family homes to ensure the safety of all tenants within the city.