There comes a time in a person's life when they need to start contributing to their family's Thanksgiving dinner. For me, this is the year. Even though I hosted last year I was not required to actually cook anything. This year it has been decided that I'm in charge of the pies, the beer and the potato dishes. Not too bad right? Pies, I already ordered and scheduled to be picked up. The beer, they're familiar with me at Half Time, I can grab the Deuce Beer of the Week and a few other things. But the potato dishes, mashed potatoes (one smooth and one chunky) and sweet potatoes with the mini marshmallows on top, I have never made before. I figure it will be easy, I can boil and mash a few potatoes. I started looking up different recipes and I realized it is possible to mess up something that simple. I found this article of the dos and don'ts of making mashed potatoes, here, and I am now confident that I have the knowledge to make the best mashed 'taters my family has ever had. And now you can too, you're welcome. Unless something goes wrong, then you must have done something wrong, my advice didn't makes something go wrong. We'll see how it goes on Thursday.