Each week, IN Touch dives deeper into the issues and events for the Hudson Valley.  Our public affairs show airs each Sunday morning on the Townsquare Media stations here in the region.  This week with speak with Jessica Fetonti who is the special events director for the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.

Jessica explains how the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley works.  How they collect food and other items, then how those items get to your local food pantries through out the Hudson Valley.  We talk about the warehouse, in Cornwall which is the where the actually food is stored.

The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley has several events planned in the future.  First their fourth farm to fork feast.  This is a special night dinner with a ton of special chefs and special dishes.   Of course, we discussed the campaigns happening with the local supermarkets and collection of donations at registers as we head into the holidays.

Finally, we discussed our Jam the Van Food Drive which is coming up the weekend before Thanksgiving at local Shop Rite stores in the area.

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Check out the full interview about and check out the information on events at the Food Bank's website.