I grew up in a house where it wasn't a big deal if we came in from outside and didn't immediately take off our shoes before walking into the house.

Fast forward to now, a homeowner, a parent, and a pet-owner, we are strictly a NO SHOES beyond the front door home.  I'll admit, it took me a while to jump on the 'take off your shoes train' but my husband was adamant that all who entered must immediately remove their shoes, and i'll admit, I kind of understand why.

Once our daughter came along, and was mobile, it was easy to justify to others who entered our house why we wanted them to be sans shoes, as she put everything and everything in her sight, in her mouth, including her hands that were picking up whatever shoes were bringing in.  I used to feel kind of weird asking guests to take off their shoes when they came into my house, but I've kind of gotten over that.

I read a post on Well+Good that highlights both sides of the argument, but this line was enough to keep me on my path of shoes off in my house:

Infection preventionist at UCHealth Lauren Bryan, RN, MPH, says, “[shoes] act as a vector, picking up dirt, dust, mold spores, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses wherever we go.

What's the rule in your place, shoes on, or off?  Comment here or on my Instagram poll.