I think I am losing it and need your help. Unless something changed, in New York State we don't get charged sales tax on clothing item purchases under $110, right? Grab a receipt or look online for the last time you ordered clothing online.

Ok, check the receipt. Where you charged sales tax? Ok, you might have been charged the 4 1/4% county and MTA tax, but were you charged the full 8.25 or 8.5%? 

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What happens when an online company charges you too much sales tax on your clothing purchases?

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I had just ordered a few items from a company, it is a popular brand, but I won't mention it here, when I noticed that they had calculated 8.25% in sales tax on the clothes and underwear that I had purchased. So, I sent their customer service department an email asking why they were charging the 8.25% (I live in Dutchess County)?

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What was the response from the customer service department? Might surprise you.

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Here is the response, and not verbatim because I still can't believe it. I was told via email that the company has no control over how much sales tax I am charged, that it all goes by state and zip code. When I pointed out to them that they were charging me 4% sales tax too much, they pretty much said this is what they were supposed to do and if I wanted to return the product that they would credit me for the full amount.

What you really want to know is if I kept the items or sent them back, right?


I kept them. The price, because the items were on sale ended up being so much less than if I got into my car, used the gasoline to drive to the store and pick up and pay for the items that way. Did the big company win? Maybe this time, but now you might also check your items and shopping cart before you make a clothing purchase going forward.

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