A woman from Rockland County is on a mission to run across the entire state to spread awareness for a serious issue.

We should always notice joggers on the side of the road for safety reasons but starting next week you may see a runner on the side of the road that may cause you to pull over and do a double take. That's exactly what Vanessa Reiser of Rockland County wants you to do.

She may turn some heads because she's not running in traditional workout clothes. She's running in her wedding dress and it's for a very important purpose.

Credit: Vanessa Reiser
Credit: Vanessa Reiser

On May 17, Vanessa plans on running roughly 300 miles from Oswego to New York City in a large white gown to raise awareness for narcissistic abuse. Vanessa is a clinical therapist who is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. After overcoming abuse in her own life she has now dedicated her work into helping others escape abusive and toxic relationships and cults.

Vanessa is no stranger to difficult runs. She's a marathon runner and a two time Ironman competitor.

You might catch Vanessa running in the Hudson Valley at some point next week. Be sure to cheer her on.

You can help her cause by donating HERE.

According to the CDC, 1 - 4 women experience sexual or physical violence from an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime. If you need help please reach out as you are not alone.

We wish her the best and a safe journey.


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