Can Dim Lighting At Work Make You Stoopider?
Just how much is the lighting at your office affecting your brain?

Everyday I fight my co-workers about how well lit the office should be. You can call me crazy but I'm a fan of being able to see. After all, we're at work and we aren't paying the electric bill. So let's turn a…
Man Goes Crazy on Office Printer With Baseball Bat
We've all had our Office Space moment, haven't we? Or at least you've wanted to.

Brandi's on vacation all this week and I had to tackle the show and all the responsibilities that come with all by myself. Well, not exactly by himself. He's got a lot of interns from both Ma…
Don’t Call Me ‘Boss’ Or ‘Big Guy’ at Work
Does anyone take these names seriously? Although it seems like a common greeting in the workplace, I feel like these names are more insulting than a compliment.

Although I have faced sexual harassment in the workplace I've brushed it off. That's right, guys can get uncomfortable too. I&…
Will Hudson Valley Stores Sell The New Smart Underwear?
We have rebuilt underwear. It's bigger, faster, stronger and temperature controlled.

Is it too soon to give out the award for the dumbest invention of 2018? Maybe not. Who would buy these?

Are Smart Undies the wave of the future? Believe it or not it could be so. We now live in an age where…
Neighbors Hate You If You Leave Decorations Up Past This Date
Maybe you love the way your tree looks in your living room right in front of that big window. Or maybe you're just lazy and you don't feel like climbing up that ladder to take down those lights outside. Whatever the reason may be you cannot let those things linger. Believe it or not, they …

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