Let me get this straight. You want me to pay for a wedding gift and I have to pay for your wedding too? Really? Um, no.

The internet is a beautiful place. Yeah, it can be annoying sometimes but it can also do some amazing things. Crowd funding websites can do great things for people in need during desperate times. It has given people the proper funds to afford surgeries, funerals and even bring loved ones closer to each other.

Some people have even started crowd funding for their special day.

Weddings are expensive. We know this. However, is it appropriate to ask a community of friends and strangers for money for your wedding? It seems a little messed up to me. Some people have done this and some are currently. I'm leaving their information off of here to protect their identity.

I'm sorry but it just seems distasteful to me.

Would you go to a wedding that you had to pay for? Probably, right? You're invested at that point.