Is one of the biggest stars in music about to release something new?

If you were on social media at all today, there was a good chance you saw that Billie Eilish was trending. This is because it appears she teased new music on Twitter. She posted a video of her sitting in a tan chair, in a tan room, and simply turning around to look at the camera. The caption said, "Happier Than Ever".

Billie Eilish's website also shows her name in a new font, with a new color scheme. It appears she is shifting from her neon green signature colors to something more simple. At this time, it's unclear if she is teasing a new song or potentially a new album. After all, it's been two years since she released her debut studio album When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?

Speculation of new music first came when Billie Eilish debuted a brand new hairstyle. She went from neon green roots with long black hair to a short platinum blonde shaggy cut. She even went as far as admitting that she had been wearing a wig for a length of time.

The last new music we got from Billie Eilish was her duet in January with Rosalia, a major Spanish singer-songwriter. Before that, she released "Therefore I Am" which shot straight to the top of the charts. She teased "Therefore I Am" in November before it was released. Make sure to check the WRRV App for any updates about Billie Eilish.

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