Are we, as New Yorkers, good drivers? Depending on who you're talking to, it could go either way.

As Hudson Valley residents I think we could argue that city drivers are the worst, but that's neither here nor there.

According to, New York has some of the best drivers in the United States. The site focused on four different categories including drivers with insurance, number of DUIs per driver, average number of deaths per miles driven and how often residents google terms like traffic ticket or speeding ticket.

Before we get to boast about how great we are, let's take a look at the worst of the bunch.

Mississippi, Tennesee, California, Missouri, and New Mexico round out the top five states with the worst drivers.

The top 5 states with the best drivers are as follows:

5. New York
4. Connecticut
3. Nebraska
2. Vermont
1. Massachusetts

How do you think Hudson Valley driver rank among other New Yorkers?