If you're having trouble reading the opening crawl then be sure to have your grand kids set your text to jumbo size right after you take your blood thinner and enjoy a sugar free hard candy.

Let me preface this by saying that I love Star Wars and I'm in no way bashing it but we may need to face the facts here.

Sure, there is a whole new saga and a ton of spin-off films in the works but make no mistake, Star Wars is old. In fact, the original Star Wars film is 40 years old. Okay, so maybe 40 isn't that old but did you know that an 18 year old who saw 'A New Hope' 1977 was born in 1959? That makes original fans senior citizens.

That's probably why the latest Star Wars installment won an AARP award.

According to AARP.org, Star Wars: The Last Jedi won the title of "Best Picture for Grown Ups". Yes, it did get a lot of other awards an nominations as well and you can find them all here.

Be sure to stay sharp or you may forget who actually shot first.

Getty Images for Disney/Hannah Peters
Getty Images for Disney/Hannah Peters