Not long ago, Full Moon Paranormal conducted an investigation at the legendary Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie. It’s an old theater with a ton of history, so if you believe in paranormal activity, this would be a logical place for it.

According to the investigators, the signs began at the very start of the investigation. Batteries were put fresh into equipment and they drained immediately. Brand new walkie-talkies started going off by themselves. They also brought what they call a spirit box, put it down and started asking questions. According to Debbie from Full Moon, they first got in touch with somebody that she and some of the others on the investigation had known. He was a musician named Jimmy who played at The Chance and passed away a couple of years ago. Debbie said that when Jimmy came through he had a woman with him. She believes it was another friend of theirs who had passed recently. 

Another sign of possible paranormal activity is that the investigators were all feeling the same pains in the same parts of their bodies at the same time. They especially felt that sensation in the balcony area. In fact, the investigators said there was a lot of activity in the balcony area.

The investigators also said that they felt the presence of several different musicians while they were there. Debbie, who often sees things at investigations, did not see anything at The Chance, but she said she did hear things, and the other investigators agreed. They all felt energy while they were there. One of the investigators did see shadows.

And then they started talking about somebody I actually know. A few years ago, one of the Hudson Valley’s better known musicians lost his wife of many years. They were inseparable. This musician has played The Chance many, many times. At the paranormal investigation, the investigators felt his wife’s presence, and she was at the table where she always was when her husband would play there. I know this couple, and I must admit it gave me a chill to hear the story.

Speaking of chills, there were plenty of them felt during the investigation. That is another sign of possible paranormal activity. They even caught a picture of the spot where they felt the extreme chill, and the picture came out as a ball of light. The investigators said there was a lot of energy throughout the building, but it was especially strong in the stage, balcony and audience area. It seems to me that there is a lot going on at The Chance that we don’t see.

But there was much more. If you want to hear more about the investigation, you can check out a meeting about the report right here. Full Moon Paranormal is planning another investigation at The Chance in the near future, so to keep up with their investigations and to get involved visit their facebook page.

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