I've lived in some pretty rural areas but the deer in this area seem to have more confidence than anywhere else. Are they cute or nuisance?

I grew up in Michigan and if you aren't too familiar with the area, Michigan is full of avid hunters and outdoors-men (and women). It's the land of Ted Nugent for crying out loud. The deer population here seems to be almost a nuisance or even a hazard.

Ever since moving to New York, I've noticed far more deer than ever. There seem to be more far more here in the Hudson Valley than anywhere else. Is it true? Are there more deer in New York than anywhere else and if so, why is that?

N. Kessler
N. Kessler

Has it always been this way? According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, there are far less resident hunters now than in the last several years. Could it be that the dear are getting more confident?

2013-2014 - 551,391

2014-2015 - 549,999

2015-2106 - 547,223

If the deer population is out of control we are vulnerable to more deer related auto accidents. Does this cause a greater risk for Lyme's disease as well?