The Internet was abuzz with rumors that legal pot plants are now available at a local nursery.

On Wednesday, Governor Cuomo officially signed a law that will allow the legal use of recreational cannabis in New York State. Residents will be allowed to possess and consume marijuana products and dispensaries will be able to sell products that include THC.

Part of the law also stipulates that home growers will also be able to cultivate and harvest their own marijuana plants. The law has been applauded by many as a game-changer, and something that's been a long time coming.

While many people are excited about the prospect of legal marijuana in New York, it may be at least a year before dispensaries open their doors to recreational users. Because the law was just signed, people are still finding out new details about what legal pot will look like in New York, so rumors and misinformation have begun to spread.

Some Hudson Valley residents were surprised to read on Facebook that a local nursery was already offering legal pot plants for sale. In a status update that has been shared many times, it was announced that Adams Fairacre Farms was selling Sativa and Indica marijuana plants at their Hudson Valley locations. According to the owners, that's not true.

Adams posted a message on their Facebook page debunking the rumor.

Unfortunately, Governor Cuomo signed the legal marijuana legislation into law just one day before April 1. It appears that someone decided to play an April Fools Day prank at the expense of Adams Fairacre Farms and post the false information,

While Adams had nothing to do with the prank, some other Hudson Valley businesses did try to pull one over on their customers, to mixed results.

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