Let's face it. Movies just aren't the same anymore. I hate to be "negative Nick" but I haven't seen a movie that seemed to be worth my hard earned dime in quite a while. Is there a certain time or theater in the area that will save me some money?

As I enter the world of dating I've realized once again that it's expensive. Since I started dating I've gone to the movies twice. Let's break this down shall we. These are the averages prices in our area according to Fandango.

Cost of movie ticket(s): $16.45 ea x 2 = $32.90

Cost of drinks: $5.00 ea x 2 = $10.00

Cost of snacks: $3.00

Total cost on date night: $45.90

Let's say you want to take the kids out the latest movie everyone is talking about.

Cost of movie ticket(s): $16.45 ea x 2 = $32.90

Cost of children's movie ticket(s): $13.45 ea x 3 = $40.35

Cost of drinks: $5.00 ea x 5 = $25.00

Cost of snacks: $9.00

Total cost on family night: $107.25

Middle Seats Movie Theater
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It's pretty ridiculous right? Let's say you have dinner before hand. You're almost at $100 a day.

Of course there are tips to save cash. You could go to a matinee, you could sneak in snacks or I suppose you could sneak in a different showing while you're there but that'd be wrong.