As we have come to know, there's a national holiday, or multiple, to be celebrated pretty much every day, and the 24th of July is a biggie...National Tequila Day - cheers!

Brandi provided us with a little history of what tequila is, where and how it is made, and why we might be feeling a little loopy after a tequila or two...Brandi know's what's up!

If you are bummed out because you didn't get the opportunity to fully celebrate today (maybe because the holiday hit mid-week, or you just weren't prepared), fear not, Delish to the rescue.  I was scrolling facebook this morning when I woke up, as I normally do, and almost went right by this one.

That's right, a tequila filled summer treat, in ice pop form, that you can easily make at home, or as they so eloquently put it "a good boozy popsicle."

I don't know about you, but this thing screams summer to me!  Anyone else planning to add it to their weekend plans, or just me? :)