If I said everyone is doing it, would you do it too?

Let me start out by saying that I'm pretty sure this will kill planking and I'm happy about that. I was never really sure what that was all about anyway. This new one though, comes from LeBron James of the Miami Heat and the fact that he pretends to be fouled when he's lightly brushed against. The idea behind "LeBroning" is to fall to the ground, make an angry face, exclaim it's not your fault for being on the ground after you have been brushed against by a person, animal, wall or whatever. Now, in the NBA, this is something players can be fined for, but people are doing this everywhere and you know what, I think I want to get in on this.

If you see me on the ground with an angry face yelling at (most likely an inanimate object) something, I'm okay, I'm just "LeBroning." Will you join me in this?


It's already started, this stupid microphone came out of nowhere and knocked me, totally not my fault!

Source: Morello