If you have bought paint recently in New York State, you have probably noticed it is more expensive than it used to be. In fact, if you look a little closer at your receipt you will see another line item for a new "tax" on paint. The New York State fee is being added, and they claim that New York State doesn't get any of the money.

Instead, the money that is generated from the "paint tax" goes to recycling efforts.

How much is the fee?

Half Pint - Gallon: 45 cents

1 - 2 Gallons: 95 cents

2 - 5 Gallons: $1.95

Last year, the new fee was approved and put in place.

What does this mean if the recycling companies are getting the paint fee proceeds?

New York State signed a law that requires paint manufacturers to charge a fee for the paint recovery program. This money goes to a company that recycles the cans, called PaintCare.

Andrew Radin of PaintCare says since the program, was launched a year ago, PaintCare has collected 700,000 gallons of paint that otherwise would be in a landfill. That's not all. "Two new businesses have opened up in New York State that are now reprocessing recycling much of the leftover paint that's been collected," adds Radin.

If you want to drop off your empty paint cans you can do so for free. As a reminder, you cannot throw out paint cans with any amount of paint in them in your regular garbage in almost every town in New York State.

It seems like everything keeps going up and up in price, but our wages DO NOT, right?

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