You can see the strangest things when you're walking around Dutchess County. As soon as Spring and Summer hit the area, I start walking like there's no tomorrow. It's a great way for me to exercise, it helps clear my head after a long day and I will do anything if it allows me to spend time enjoying the outdoors. The other day on my walk I noticed something VERY odd and it's left me with a ton of lingering questions...

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What bizarre item was found on a walking path in Dutchess County, NY?


Well...a pair of men's underwear was found and it's not something you see everyday. I was walking on a pretty popular walking path in Dutchess County and almost stepped right on them. I started noticing something on the ground and at first from a distance I could not figure out what it was. As I got closer and found out what they were I started laughing and thought "how did these end up here?".

There was NO home, car or laundry mat near the path so it makes you wonder how a pair got their. I also wondered if someone has even noticed that they are missing something very important and how long the missing underwear has been there for. I did laugh the whole way home and couldn't help but be amused that of all things I could see like a deer, bird, fox, other wildlife that UNDERWEAR is what I see on my walk.

On second thought, maybe I don't want to know the story...

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