Remember getting home from school in the 90s and plopping down in front of the television to catch your favorite show? Right as you were getting sucked into what was happening on Doug, Hey Arnold, or whatever was your jam back in the day, it cut to commercial break.

This wasn't so bad back then though because the commercials were sweet. They usually consisted of kids playing with toys that we would then desperately ask our parents for. Or a crazy orange juice drinking orangutang. It was a great era for television (and advertisers.)

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As you're scrolling through the list, it's likely you'll find some of these commercials will spark a memory. They've been buried down deep in your adolescent brain for years and now we're about to bring it back to life. So let's replay some of those long, lost iconic ads.

How many of these 90s commercials do you remember from when you were growing up?

Hungry Hungry Hippos


Corn Pops

Taco Bell

Bop It

Fruit Gushers

Miss Cleo


Pizza Bagel Bites


Not only were the commercials awesome, the toys that were in them were too! From the creepy Furby dolls to the classic YoYos, here were some of the most popular toys from the 90s.

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Let's dive deeper into the era and take a look at some cartoons from the '90s that definitely deserve a comeback.

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