Ever wondered how your ZIP code can affect your health? Turns out, where you live really does make a difference.

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According to a study by health analysis company Velotric, Bronx County in New York is the third unhealthiest county in the entire United States! This ranking takes into account things like inactivity, poor health, and unhealthy food options. It's clear that there is a need to address these issues and work towards improving the overall health in this county.

But not all of New York is facing the same health challenges. New York County, which is right next to the Bronx, has a reason to celebrate. It has the lowest percentage of adults with obesity in the country, sitting at just 19%. This shows that the residents there are making conscious efforts to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

When it comes to access to healthy foods, Bronx County falls short. On the flip side, Nassau County has the most abundant options for healthy eating.

And let's not forget the dedication to fitness. In 2023, the residents of New York County conducted the highest number of searches for "gym near me" per capita, with a whopping 10,149 searches. This speaks volumes about their interest in fitness and their eagerness to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines.

So, it's clear that where you live can have a real impact on your health. Whether it's addressing unhealthy habits, promoting access to nutritious food, or embracing an active lifestyle, it's important to take steps towards better health, no matter which county you reside in and now that a new year is here, this is the perfect time to make a change!

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