Videos of entitled customers freaking out in public over petty reasons are nothing new. With today's technology, everyone with a camera phone can capture the next time some angry resteraunt goer loses their mind over something relatively small.

You really have to feel for what these employees go through. Especially, when it appears the customer was the one who did something stupid and then somehow blames the staff for their own blunder. .

Viral Video 

Recently, a clip has been circulating social media showing an irate customer at a Taco Bell arguing with an employee working the cash register.

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A number of sources, such as Newsweek and The New York Post indicate this alleged attack happened in New York.

Employee at New York Taco Bell Slapped Because Customer Says Reheated Food Blew Up His Microwave

The New York Post says that an angry man stormed into to a Taco Bell on Long Island to confront the staff over the food he apparently ordered at that location. According to ABC, the customer had reheated his leftover Taco Bell order in his microwave with an aluminum-lined container.

Of course, heating aluminum foil in a microwave can cause sparks and potentially damage the appliance.

However, the angry unidentified man in the clip never got that memo, and proceeds to blame the fast food restaurant for his now ruined microwave.

TikTokPPV- Tahoe News Journalist,

ABC says the man even brought the foil-wrapped food back to the location and placed it on the counter. Sources have not yet said if any charges have been filed.

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