As New York state lawmakers look to finally deliver a budget agreement, there are a few potential measures that are coming to light. One of these potential new laws involves booze being sold in movie theaters.

New York Upstate reports that a "deal was struck between Governor Kathy Hochul and leaders of the state Senate and Assembly" after closed-door talks.

Back in 2022, the New York State Liquor Authority had announced that beer, cider, and wine could be served in movie theaters across the state. That allowed theatergoers to buy the alcohol at a concession stand, and then bring it into the theater to consume.

A number of theaters across the country had been selling alcohol for years before 2022, including theaters in New York City that offered table service. Other theaters were allowed to serve booze only if the customer drank it in a lobby café area, or if the venue also served as a functioning restaurant.

However, liquor and mixed drinks were left out of that deal. That could be changing.

Liquor to be Sold in Movie Theaters in New York State? 

The New York Post reports that movie theaters in New York can apply for a license to sell liquor as part of the $237 billion state budget deal. Competition from the continuous  growth of streaming options, plus the financial hit theaters took during COVID, are some of the factors in the decision, says lawmakers.

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Senator James Skoufis, from Cornwall, is one of the backers of the new legislation, as he told the Post; "We have safeguards in place to make sure that we maintain a family friendly environment. You can only purchase one drink per transaction."

One of the stipulations, as Skoufis stated, is only allowing customers to be able to buy one drink per transaction. NY Upstate adds that theaters must stop selling alcohol once the credits start rolling in for the final showing of the day.

However, the Post is also reporting that the budget would extend "alcohol to go" from bars and restaurants for another five years.

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