There have been quite a few otherworldly objects observed above the skies of New York, and the most recent sighting has resulted in around 130 eyewitness reports from residents, according to The Watchers. But this is not about an alien invasion.

This marks the third time in just over two weeks that one of these brilliant glowing objects has been seen falling from the heavens, though scientists say this latest occurrence has nothing to do with any active annual meteor showers.

Why Are So Many Fireballs Being Seen Over New York? 

NASA Meteor Watch says that numerous eyewitnesses in New York, as well as Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, filed reports with the American Meteor Society of a bright meteor seen just past 10 o'clock Friday night.

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The attached video shows the meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere and then burning brightly across the night sky. The space object briefly takes on a greenish glow, before quickly dimming and burning up in the sky.

Scientists say, through analysis, that the fireball was first witnessed at an altitude of 50 miles above the Atlantic Ocean, and around 15 miles outside Montauk.

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NASA says that the meteor traveled slightly north of west at 38,500 miles per hour, and passed over Bridgehampton and Jamesport before breaking apart 30 miles above Long Island Sound.

Did a Small Asteroid Once Strike Poughkeepsie? 

You may remember reports of the bright fireball that was seen all over the eastern part of the country in November 2020. Some outlets, such as the Gothamist, claim the space rock actually crashed somewhere in the area.

Hundreds of reports poured in from witnesses all over the east coast at around 7:22 P.M. that evening. The American Meteor Society says the fireball's visible light trail ended somewhere over Poughkeepsie, according to the reports they received.

So, probably not.

Space Debris

Wikipedia says an estimated 15,000 tons of space debris enter the planet's atmosphere every day. A huge majority never make it to the ground.

Many fizzle out or explode in the upper atmosphere without anyone ever hearing about it. Scientists do say a meteor may have exploded high above New York state in late 2019, causing an eerie greenish light to be seen in the sky that night, according to the many reports in the Saratoga area.

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