A Putnam man recently found himself in trouble with the law for what is being described as his improper, reckless and potentially lethal manner in which he used his firearm in an incident which occured the day after Christmas. This has also become a case where the suspects past seems to have come back to bite him.

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State Police Respond to Putnam Incident

On Tuesday, December 26, New York State Troopers responded to a residence in Putnam where a suspect had threatened usage of a firearm against two other individuals of the residence. The NYS press release states that the incident began with a verbal confrontation and escalated to the point where the suspect retrieved the long gun and fired it in the home while "threatening to kill" the two victims as well as responding law enforcment.

Caucasian angry and aggressive man threatening with fist.

Prior to the Troopers arriving, the suspect fled the scene. Later on, the Ticonderoga Police Department were successful and finding the suspect, where he was then placed under arrest and taken into custody.

Shotgun and Shells
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The suspect was identified as 31-year old, Dustin T. St. Andrews. WIth the arrest St. Andrews was charged with not one but two counts of Reckless Endangerment in the first degree as well as, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the third degree.

Putnam Suspects Past Resurfaces

As if the charges against St. Andrews weren't serious enough, his past is now playing a role in his future. Following being arrested by law enforcment, it was discovered that St. Andrews had a previous felony conviction on his record. With the previous felony conviction, it meant that St. Andrews was not legally able to possess any kind of firearm. It was not stated what that previous conviction was for.


Following the arrest, St. Andrews was taken to SP Granville in order to be processed. Following processing, law enforcment turned St. Andrews over to the Washington County Correctional Facility where he awaited his arraignment. Lastly it should be noted that the firearm that St. Andrews used was recovered from the scene of the incident during the investigation process and no one was harmed during the incident.

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