If you're anywhere near the path of the eclipse, you'll want to watch your speed all week long.

The New York State Department of Transportation has been moving around automatic speed ticket cameras that not only detect your speed by radar but also photograph and identify your car. The result is a ticket sent to your home, many times without even realizing that you've been caught speeding.

These automated speeding ticket systems are generally moved each week to different locations around New York State. At any time there could be more than two dozen of the cameras in operation at the same time.

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Where Are New York's Speed Enforcement Cameras This Week?

The cameras are currently only being used in construction areas to make sure that drivers are obeying posted speed limits. Luckily, the state does announce ahead of time where these cameras are, but the information isn't always the easiest to find.

We discovered that this week many of the cameras will be set up where tourists will be traveling to and from prime eclipse-viewing locations.

Many tourists have flocked to Buffalo and Niagara Falls this week, as many special events are scheduled in the area to celebrate the eclipse. The Department of Transportation is targeting drivers in Eerie County with two automated ticketing systems on the southbound stretch of Route 219 at Duerr Road Overpass and Route 20 in Orchard Park. Another radar will be stationed on Route 198 at Main Street (NY Route 5) in Buffalo.

In Niagara Falls, an automated ticketing system will be quietly monitoring car speeds on Niagara Scenic Parkway and issuing fines to those who are going above the posted limit.

NY State

Two additional cameras will be set up on I-86 in Chautauqua County on both the eastbound and westbound sides of the highway near Carpenter-Pringles Road. In Rochester, there are two automated speed enforcement systems set up on Route 104 both eastbound and westbound near Portland Avenue in Monroe County.

In Onondaga County, two cameras will be capturing cars at the southern interchange between I-481 and I-81 near Syracuse.

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Over in Warren County, eclipse viewers traveling through the Lake George region should be on the lookout for automated speed enforcement on northbound I-87 between Exits 22 and 23 at the Route 9 overpass.

Below is a full list of this week's traffic enforcement locations.

New York State Department of Transportation

What if You're Caught Speeding by New York's Automated System?

While none of these infractions include points on your license or penalties from your car insurance company, first-time speeders will receive a $50 fine through the mail. Second-time offenders will be issued ticketed for $75. Vehicles captured speeding three or more times within 18 months will receive a $100 fine.

It's important to note that these fines are collected from the registered owner of the vehicle, not necessarily the person driving at the time of the speed infraction.

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