There are all kinds of critters running around the Hudson Valley, but this one is huge.

Before you mention it, I know there's tons of wildlife here in the Hudson Valley and we see it all the time, but this critter looked like a medium-sized dog and I haven't seen something like it in a while.

I was driving around the other day and got stopped at one of the many stoplights here. This one felt extra long so I looked around and noticed something in the corner. There was a small pond and right near it was this large furry animal.

At first, it looked kinda cute, but then I took a second and realized how big it actually was.


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You can decide, but the critter looked like a beaver or a woodchuck. I am leaning more towards a woodchuck since I didn't see a big tail.  It was funny because he just kept staring at me too and of course I needed to snap a quick picture.

He probably thought what is this crazy lady doing?

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If you happen to be driving around LaGrangeville and see the big guy (pictured above), let me know what kind of critter you think he is, where they usually hang out, and more details on some of the wildlife here in the Hudson Valley.

REMEMBER: Please don't harm or bother any animal in the Hudson Valley.

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On the positive side, it is finally Spring in the Hudson Valley and more animals will be coming out. Here are some signs that it's officially Spring in the area:

5 Ways To Know It's Spring In The Hudson Valley

I always know that spring has started when I first hear the sound of spring peepers. This may also consist of flowers start to blossom, the greenery throughout mother nature and return of several wildlife critters.

Others may also agree and share their opinions too.

As we are different people, we notice things differently as well. While someone takes an interest in a woodpecker in the tree on a soothing morning, someone else may notice a lawnmower humming noise during their breakfast.

On WRRV, a Facebook post asked local residents to share their opinion.

The question stated:

"Tell me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley without telling me it’s spring in the Hudson Valley, GO!"

Hudson Valley residents were not shy when it came to answering this question. Let's take a look at ways we can notice that it's spring in the Hudson Valley from all age groups and different locations.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, WRRV's Facebook Page,