A Hudson Valley man who was seriously injured at a water park is now a multi-millionaire.

Of all the ways you can strike it rich, the worst is by being permanently injured. An Orange County, New York man no longer has to worry about money, but he does have to live with immense pain that will only get worse over time.

Before you think this was some sort of money grab, the victim was ready to settle for just $750,000, but the water park insisted on going to trial where a jury decided to award him $9 million.

YouTube/Water Slide Database
YouTube/Water Slide Database

Washingtonville, New York Man Permanently Injured at Water Park

In 2016 Charles Beyer was visiting the Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland, Connecticut when the unthinkable happened. According to the Hartford Courant, The Washingtonville, New York man was in a pool with large, artificial lilypads when his foot and ankle were "ripped open" by a chain anchoring the obstacle to the pool's floor.

Beyer's attorney says he thinks the Hudson Valley man received such a large settlement because he was not only likeable, but also honest. While many plaintiffs will exaggerate their injuries and suffering, Beyer told the court he was still able to work and returned to his job as a jet mechanic soon after the injury. However, the avid runner's life had completely changed due to scarring and extensive nerve damage from the injury.

Washingtonville New York

Water Park Found Responsible For Life-Changing Injury

While on the stand, the CEO of Brownstone said he purchased the lily pad obstacles second-hand from another water park. He admitted that he was unaware of the name of the manufacturer, proving that he didn't know the proper way to install them in the pool.

Beyer's lawyer showed that the chains and clips anchoring the artificial lily pads were supposed to be covered with a protective plastic sheath. This was not done, creating a situation where someone's appendages could easily become tangled and severely injured. That's exactly what happened to Beyer just five months after the water park installed the pads.

Not only did Beyer's foot and ankle get ripped apart, he reportedly suffered "nerve damage, extensive scarring, infection, swelling, extensive scarring and severe shock to his nervous system."

Brownstone's insurance company is now on the hook for the $9 million settlement that has now ballooned to $13 million with interest. It's unclear if the financial hit will have an impact on the park's operations.

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