Dogs rescued from an awful hoarding situation in Dutchess County are on the mend.

22 Dogs Saved in Milan, NY Hoarding Case

Back on January 13th, 2024, The Ulster County SPCA, along with help from several other local animal rescue organizations, received a call about a hoarding situation in the town of Milan in Dutchess County.

In a statement posted to The Ulster County SPCA's social media accounts in January, they shared that this was one of the "worst hoarding cases" they have seen adding "these conditions were unlivable for any species."  After everything was said and done 22 large breed dogs were saved from a home in Milan, New York.

Ulster County SPCA, Facebook
Ulster County SPCA, Facebook

The Ulster County SPCA was under the impression that 9 dogs needed to be rescued, however, once they arrived at the scene they learned that 22 Great Danes were living in terrible conditions.

Sadly, the dog's owner had passed away and the dogs were left to fend for themselves.

Ulster County SPCA Provides Update on Rescued Great Danes

Over the weekend the Ulster County SPCA checked in with an update on 2 of the dogs they took in from the hoarding case. 2 of the Great Danes, whom they have named Rocky and Lincoln just started "doggy school." The 2 dogs have started "behavior modification" at New Paltz Dog Training & Canine Adventures

Ulster County SPCA
Ulster County SPCA

There they are working with a Certified NePoPo Gold Graduate and an Instructor at the Canine/Human Relationship Institute in Blue Ridge, Texas, Valerie Ann Erwin, who will also be leading their rehabilitation.

Ulster County SPCA
Ulster County SPCA

Along with 2 other dogs, George and Lyla, the Great Danes are on their way to a better life. On Facebook, the Ulster County SPCA adds:

These boys, along with George and Lyla who are still at the shelter, are already making an amazing recovery! Their skin and coats are now glowing, weight has been added, parasites are gone and they are gaining confidence every day. They are enjoying people visiting now, and Lincoln is even playing with his toys. They both are still struggling with walking on a leash, but we're making progress considering the challenge on day one of simply wearing a collar and attaching a leash.

Upstate NY University Steps in to Assist with Great Dane Healing Journey

The University of Albany's athletic department wanted to do what they could to help these rescued Great Danes.

Seems a little random right?

If you take a closer look at the UAlbany Athletics you'll learn that their mascot is...a Great Dane! The head coach of the UAlbany Football team said in a statement:

It was heartbreaking to see this in the news. Great Danes are such amazing animals. I urge our entire fan base to help these local organizations in any way possible so these dogs can get the proper care they deserve."

To help out, the UAlbany Great Danes have been asking students, athletes and fans to donate to all the rescue organizations that helped remove the Great Danes from the hoarding situation in Dutchess County. You can see more about their efforts to help the pups below:

Above you're seeing the pups in their recovery process, but things were a lot different at the beginning of January. Take a look at the rescue efforts below:

22 Large Breed Dogs Saved From Awful Hoarding Situation in Dutchess County

The Ulster County SPCA recounts the details of one of the "worst hoarding cases" they've ever seen in Milan, New York. Along with assistance from several Hudson Valley-based animal rescues they were able to save 22 large breed dogs.

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