Red Lobster has closed numerous restaurants across New York, could any of these restaurants be successful in its place?

Earlier this month Red Lobster announced that they would be closing 80+ locations across the country, including 10 locations across New York as they attempted to navigate the company's financial future. A few days later the popular seafood restaurant announced they would be filing bankruptcy to try and save the restaurant chain.

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Red Lobster Closes
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Red Lobster Closes New York Locations

No matter how the recent court filing plays out it is clear that at least 10 New York Red Lobster locations have closed including the restaurants in Lakewood, Buffalo, Amherst, Williamsville, Rochester, Stony Brook, Scarsdale, Nanuet, Kingston,  and Poughkeepsie, New York. Now that they are closed, many wonder what other restaurant or business should move in after Red Lobster moves out.

Red Lobster Replacements
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Restaurants That Could Replace Red Lobster in New York

The majority of the Red Lobsters that are now closed are in high-traffic locations, and at one point each of them had to be successful so that should mean it could be profitable for some other big names in food, right? What restaurant would you choose if you could pick any restaurant to move into the former Red Lobster locations? Many New Yorkers have shared what they would like to see happen at locations in their area and remember that in some cases the suggestions might not work in every location because some might already have one of the restaurants nearby.

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Before you scroll down to look at what fellow New Yorkers would like to see replace Red Lobster, open our station app above and text us the restaurant you would like to see open and we will add it to our list. Here are the six restaurants many would like to see takeover Red Lobster...

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