Are these the worst roads in the Hudson Valley for bad drivers?

Have you noticed that often times while driving around the Hudson Valley there are specific towns and roads that always seem to have drivers who have no idea how to navigate their cars without causing situations? I'm not sure if you'll agree with me or not but there are a bunch of roads in the area that are notorious for bad drivers.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Side Roads in the City of Poughkeepsie

Personally, I spend a lot of time driving in the City of Poughkeepsie and almost every time I have to venture off the arterial (44/55) and go up or down any of the side streets within the city I always come across some of the worst drivers anywhere. Oftentimes times I feel like some of the drivers within the city forget that there are other drivers sharing the road with them. I was crossing from one side of the arterial to the other last week on Academy Street and in the course of less than one mile I was cut off twice and had one car just stop in the road and let someone out.

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They didn't just stop and let them out, they WAITED for them to come back. I couldn't go around because another car was blocking the other was CRAZY! I didn't make a fuss when it happened because I wasn't sure what could happen if I did so I just sat there and waited, for like 3 minutes...LOL!

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Have you noticed that drives in the Hudson Valley have gotten worse over the years? Is there a road that you think has the worst drivers in the area? We asked that question on social media and have come up with eight of the "Worst Roads for Bad Drivers in the Hudson Valley." After you take a look at the list below and notice that we have left out a road you think has the worst drivers, please let us know the road by messaging us through our app above.

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