Firefighters from the Hudson Valley confirmed "several gas leaks" and rushed to evacuate some homes after neighbors reported a "strong gas smell."

Early Saturday morning, Mark Lieb of Rockland Video responded to a series of gas leaks.

Many Gas Leaks Near Border Of Rockland, Orange Counties

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Rockland County, New York Residents Complain Of Strong Gas Smell, Homes Evacuated

Many reported a "strong gas smell", which forced firefighters to evacuate some homes on Oakwood Lane in Thiells, New York.

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Gas Smell Coming From Strom Drains In Hudson Valley

The strong gas smell was "coming up from the storm drains." Firefighters confirmed "they responded to several gas leaks in the area throughout Friday."

Trying To Pinpoint Leaks


Orange and Rockland Workers reported on the scene to investigate, trying to pinpoint where the leaks were coming from.

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No "Apparent Danger" To Hudson Valley Residents

But officials confirmed the "neighborhood is not in any apparent danger."

As of this writing, a cause remains unclear. You can see the video from the scene below:

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