There is a small trail in Upstate New York that has may have such a strong magnetic pulse it can reportedly cause hikers to hallucinate and lose track of time.

Usually it is the cabin in the woods you have to look out for but there is a strange phenomenon reportedly happing to visitors of a small park in New York State. Most of us have heard about The Bermuda Triangle. Some pilots report that they have covered distances in impossibly quick amounts of time. Many believe they inadvertently flew through a time vortex. Does a vortex have to be in the sky? Is it possible to walk right through one without even knowing it? Many people who have visited a park in Watertown, New York believe it is possible..

What is the mystery behind the reported vortex in Watertown, New York?

According to Haunted History Trail, there is reportedly a vortex on a trail inside Thompson Park. The part of the park has even been dubbed "Watertown's Area 51" by locals. There may not be alien activity here but there are some weird things that happen to some who walk through.

Stranger Dimensions reports that people claim to often vanish from the trail only to appear in an entirely different spot.

This new report claims that people have reported to experience nausea and even hallucinations while on the trail and either an electromagnetic or spiritual force is behind the odd occurrences.

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