In my usual quest for the latest cryptozoology news (because I only care about important issues) I stumbled upon a rather interesting bigfoot encounter that took place in October of 2022. Surprisingly, it appears to have slipped under the radar of other New York bigfoot enthusiasts, but I find it deserving of some exploration.

So let's get Sqatchy!


A Paul Smith's College student, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported witnessing an imposing figure from the window of his lab building. The size of the entity immediately ruled out any human resemblance. The observer initially thought the figure to be wearing a large fur coat, before realizing the fur covered its entire body.


The height was estimated to be around 8-10 feet, compared to the height of the 30-ft electrical pole it was walking under. The figure, with its back turned to the witness, appeared to be leisurely strolling northward beneath the power lines.

Below is estimated coordinates of the encounter:

Google Maps
Google Maps


You can read the entire report here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Unfortunately the witness did not take any photos, which is probably why this encounter flew under the radar. But it's still intriguing. Was this a hairy hominid roaming the Adirondacks, or just a very large electrical line worker?

Hard to say. But Bigfoot sightings in the Adirondacks are certainly nothing new. Over the years many witnesses have claimed encounters with the mysterious creature, adding a touch of cryptic curiosity to the still surroundings of the Adirondack Mountains.

Keep your eyes open out there.

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