Photography is beautiful. It allows us to capture things in our everyday lives such as sunsets, our family, friends and pets and our travel experiences.

Photography can also highlight the little things in life that we may not always pay attention to such as flowers blooming, woodland creatures in their habitat and the gathering of special moments.

Certain details can bring out a picture. I've always enjoyed capturing things that make me feel excited, peaceful and natural beauty throughout the world.

Those who are also interested in healing aspects may be interested in a different type of photography.

How Can You Get These Rare Healing Photos In The Hudson Valley?

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Rare healing photographs can be taken within the Hudson Valley. While this may be something that is offered in New York City, these types of photos aren't frequently offered within the Hudson Valley. When the opportunity rises to try this type of photography, it may be worth checking out. 

I haven't tried aura photography yet but I look forward to this new experience.

What Is Aura Photography?

Aura photography captures the aura of the person who's getting their picture taken. Cosmopolitan described aura photography as

"Aura photo is often accompanied by a reading that explains the colors visible in your portrait, the density or opacity of each color, and the placement of each “cloud” of color."

Cosmopolitan explained that a camera is hooked up to metal plates which the person being photographed would then place their hands on sensors. During this time, the camera takes pictures. They also explained that the 

"camera opens for a long double exposure, creating both a headshot and a visual, colorful auric capture layered on top."

Depending on locations, this experience may differ from others.

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Where Can Residents Try Aura Photography In The Hudson Valley?

After doing research, I discovered that there were Hudson Valley businesses that used to offer this service and some that still do but haven't made it public to the community.

Recently, while I was at Crystal Connection to experience their salt cave, I saw a sign explaining aura photography. I had the experience to chat with the photographer who leads this process and learned more about this cool experience which made me even more excited to book an appointment.

Crystal Connection is located in Wurtsboro, NY. They are known for being

"One of the largest Crystal & Mineral destinations on the Northeast."

Crystal Connection brings a unique experience to the Hudson Valley as it's located in a 1890's Methodist Church filled with crystals, sage, incense and a giant amethyst throne!

Crystal Connection Offers Aura Photography In Sullivan County, NY

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

Crystal Connection offers aura photography. During this experience, guests will have the opportunity to see their aura, understand the colors that relate to the picture along with their emotions and more.

Those who receive aura photography at Crystal Connection can also learn about their chakras and gain knowledge.

At Crystal Connection, I also learned that our auras can change different colors throughout our lives. There may be times that our aura is a specific color and the following photograph captures different colors. 

Aura or chakra photos only are $12. An aura, chakra interpretation/ aura reading is $30. An aura, 23 page report and recommendation is $55 (this also includes crystal and healing techniques recommendation).

When Is Aura Photography Available In Wurtsboro, NY?


Aura photography is offered at Crystal Connection every weekend. Those who are interested in this experience are recommended to call Crystal Connection to check availability and for updates.

Additional information about Crystal Connection's aura photography experience can be found on their website, social media platforms or via phone.

I'm already wondering what colors my aura is right now.

Have you ever had aura photography done before? Is this something that you would experience? If there's any additional locations within the Hudson Valley to receive aura photography, I would love to learn more. Share more details below.

Take a Tour of Sullivan County, NY's Newest Underground Salt Cave

Crystal Connection is a 1890's antique, Methodist church located in Sullivan County, NY. This is a crystal lover's dream come true.

It's known for being 

"One of the largest Crystal & Mineral destinations on the Northeast." 

While this may be a place that some people gather often, others can refer to it as a hidden gem in the Hudson Valley.  Crystal Connection can also be described as 

"a sacred space & crystal haven"

I have never experienced anything similar to Crystal Connection before. The amount of crystals, crystal jewelry, singing bowls, sage and more are fascinating. Crystal Connection also hosts different events and fairs throughout the year.

Take a tour through Crystal Connection's newest underground salt cave experience.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Crystal Connection, YouTube

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