Just when Hudson Valley residents were enjoying their mild winter, a snow storm appeared.

Hudson Valley natives were quick to remind social media users who were complaining about the snow, that this is what happens in January within New York state.

While some people enjoy the beauty of the white glistening snow as it covers the Hudson Valley grounds and views, others are looking forward to warmer weather (me).

New York residents can rejoice, we will be seeing more minutes of daylight this month, brighter days ahead.

Rules and regulations have been set into place in Hudson Valley hamlets, towns and villages. In order to keep the community safe, Hudson Valley residents must come into compliance with these set rules otherwise, they could be ticketed or towed for not following snow emergency procedures.

Can You Get Ticketed For Not Abiding By Hudson Valley Snow Emergency Procedures?

On Facebook, the City of Kingston always keeps the community informed. Personally, I learn alot about what's going on in the area.

Recently, they disabled a major Facebook feature that left locals wondering what they did wrong to be "silenced".

Those who continue to follow the City of Kingston have noticed snow emergency procedures that were put into place to help keep the community safe.

A warning was mentioned in a post on Facebook by the City of Kingston.

"Vehicles not in compliance will be ticketed."


"We appreciate your ongoing compliance!"


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Do You  Know About These Hudson Valley Snow Emergency Procedures To Follow?

Those who visit Kingston, NY during the winter months should be informed of the information about their snow emergency procedures to avoid getting ticketed or towed.

The following information was shared by the City of Kingston on their Facebook page.

"SNOW EMERGENCY PROCEDURE REMINDER: When a Snow Emergency is declared, alternate side parking rules are in effect for all roadways except Snow Emergency Route and dead-end streets."


"To allow Public Works to effectively clear snow, there is no on-street parking along Snow Emergency Routes or dead-end streets for the duration of a snow event."

The City of Kingston continued to share,

"In addition, no parking is allowed within 50 feet of any street corner and vehicles must not block fire hydrants, driveways, entryways/exits for parking lots, or in any hazardous manner. The best place for vehicles during a Snow Emergency is always off-street."

If there are residents who cannot move their vehicles off of the road, municipal parking lots are open and free to the public when a snow emergency occurs.

Where Should You Park During A Snow Emergency In The Hudson Valley?


The City of Kingston Facebook page shared multiple posts on social media, informing residents of where to park during a snow emergency.

"Alternate side parking means that, during a Snow Emergency, parking is permitted on the odd side of the street on odd numbered calendar days and on the even side of the street on even numbered calendar days. "


"The odd or even side of the street is determined by house numbers. At 7:00am the following day, vehicles must move to the opposite side of the street. Vehicles not in compliance will be ticketed and towed."

The City of Kingston explained that

"During a Snow Emergency, regular alternate side parking rules are suspended. On-street and off-street parking meters are suspended.


"Pre-existing parking restrictions which allow or prohibit parking on a particular side of the street are temporarily superseded by Snow Emergency alternate-side-of-the-street parking rules."

What Else Are Kingston, NY Residents Responsible For During A Snowstorm?


The City of Kingston shared additional information about what Kingston, NY residents are responsible for during a snow emergency.

Along with removing your vehicle from the street, residents are responsible for clearing sidewalks that are in front of their property. This should take place within 12 hours of a snow event, the City of Kingston claimed.

They suggest removing obstructions that may in the way of storage areas of snow. The City of Kingston gave examples such as trash and recycling cans, basketball hoops and flower pots.

Snow emergency information with the City of Kingston can be found on the website and on the City of Kingston's Facebook page. The City's notification system and email are additional sources to find out information.

Where do you park during a snowstorm in the Hudson Valley? What do you think about the City of Kingston's snow emergency procedures? Share your thoughts below.

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