The Hudson Valley is filled with many different counties, cities, towns and hamlets. As the population increases within the area, it may be unclear to some residents of where certain areas exist and how they received their name.

There are towns in the Hudson Valley that used to go by different names than they do now.

Hurley, NY was once known as Nieuw Dorp and Sleepy Hollow, NY was once referred to as North Tarrytown. Rhinebeck, NY was once referred to as Kipsbergen.

Within the Hudson Valley, there are two wallkills including the Town of Wallkill and the Hamlet of Wallkill. Each of these areas are located in different counties.

Where Is The Town Of Wallkill, NY Located?

The Town of Wallkill is located in Orange County, NY. This area was established in April of 1772. 

The Town of Wallkill shared,

"Wallkill Precinct originally extended into Ulster County and was much larger than its present day boundaries."


"In 1798, by an act of the Legislature, the present Orange-Ulster County boundaries were formed."

The Town of Wallkill has several hamlets within the area.

Where Is The Hamlet Of Wallkill, NY Located?

The Hamlet of Wallkill is located in Ulster County, NY. This hamlet is further away from New York City as the Town of Wallkill is closer to the big apple. 

Driving through the Hamlet of Wallkill,  it's easy to see the history that came from this area including the popular logo on the hamlet's welcome sign.

A national dairy company's roots came from the Hamlet of Wallkill, NY.

The New York Alamanack explained, 

"Borden finally settled on an area known as “the Basin” in the Town of Shawangunk in 1881. The Basin occupied the region where the present-day Hamlet of Wallkill is located."

The Borden family helped create what is known today as the Hamlet of Wallkill. Borden Dairy can still be found in groceries to this day.

The Hamlet of Wallkill consists of just the hamlet in the area.

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Town Vs. Village Vs. Hamet: What's The Difference In New York State?


There's a difference between a town, village and hamlet within New York State.

According to Merriam Webster, a town is 

"a compactly settled area usually larger than a village but smaller than a city"

While shared that a village is

"a small community or group of houses in a rural area" also shared that a hamlet is

"a community of people smaller than a village"


New York State explained that villages were once formed in towns in order to provide services to local residents that lived in rural and suburban areas.

Hudson Valley residents can easily explain the difference of the Hamlet of Wallkill and Town of Wallkill within the Hudson Valley. Some also claim that the crime rate may be lower in the Hamlet of Wallkill as compared to the Town of Wallkill.

The next time that someone mentions Wallkill within New York State, be sure to find out if it relates to the Town of Wallkill or Hamlet of Wallkill within the Hudson Valley.

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