As the first month of 2021 closes out and we pass through the Cold Moon next Thursday (January 28, 2021) also known as the Full Wolf Moon it will be time to think about visiting the next Night Market. Each month a positive group of people gather to celebrate and sell what I like to call Witch Wares.

Once again this month you can join Moon, Serpent and Bone, Oddities & Curiosities for their virtual night market. This month is the Full Moon Magickal Night Market which is "The only Monthly Witches Market hosted in the Hudson Valley". Think of it as a giant online vendor market full of things you might find if you stop into a wiccan or new age shop, plus so much more. Lots of mystical and magical items and things you might not expect.

Pre-COVID you could attend these night markets in person but like so many other things we enjoying doing in person they have had to go virtual. No worries though because that hasn't stopped the fun of shopping at this night market. This online event features local Hudson Valley witches and witches from beyond.

Unique one of a kind items, Tarot card and psychic readings will all be available. The market is free to attend online Saturday, January 30, 2021 from 6 PM - to Midnight. Log on that night when you get a chance.

Things You Find at a Night Market