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Everyone knows how beautiful the Jersey Shore is during the summer, but one reality show really showcased the appeal of it and the show pretty much took over the world for a bit.

Obviously...the show was on MTV and called 'Jersey Shore'. It showed eight housemates who lived together, had to work a somewhat normal job and partied like crazy in a summer house that's located in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. When the show aired, it started a movement, a cultural revolution and suddenly everyone wanted to spend their summers down by the shore with a blowout hair do.

When they show was on television everybody stopped what they were doing and watched it. There were many Jersey Shore themed nights at bars (I went to a bunch) and people even hosted their own Jersey Shore themed parties. The stars of the show INSTANTLY become famous and they helped with the movement of reality stars become big time celebrities. Many people couldn't help but fall in love with their crazy personalities and wanted more.

One of the most notable cast members was Jenni (JWOWW) Farley. She was a stunning party girl who you did not want to mess with. For as tough as she was on the show there was something very lovable about Jenni. She was ride or die for her housemates (even when some of them didn't deserve it) and she was always at the center of all the fun.

Throughout the years we saw many highs and lows for Jenni which included getting married, having her children, getting divorced, being vulnerable about her childhood and seeing here just trying to just move on with life.

I was looking online the other day and saw she has HUGE connection to New York (fist pump).

What reality star attended a swanky New York school?


This is pretty cool, Jenni went to the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York. NYIT is a private research university that was founded in 1955 and the school has two campuses, one in Manhattan and one in Old Westbury.

A little backstory here, Jenni grew up in East Greenbush, New York and went to Columbia High School. She eventually went on to NYIT for school and later auditioned for 'Jersey Shore'.

I spent some time on both of the NYIT campuses and they are a ton of fun and offer a lot of cool things to the students. It's pretty cool to say that a huge reality star attended the school in New York and fun to know she spent some time there.

Jenni Farley is still very well-known and we wish her nothing but the best as her career continues to grow.

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