There’s a persistent air of meta-awareness circulating through the Tanner household in Netflix’s Fuller House, whether acknowledging the Olsen’s absence, or the series’ history, that it’s only fair the reviews follow suit. As such, John Stamos took Fuller House’s worst reviews to TV as well, sharing a few on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Following his True Detective parody with Stephen Colbert the other night, Fuller House executive producer and star John Stamos blew off a little steam at some of the Netflix revival’s more scathing reviews, including the AV Club’s famous “porn parody without the porn.” There actually is a Full House porn parody, something Stamos is keenly aware of, and … well, we’ve already made our childhoods uncomfortable enough.

The original series wasn’t so critically beloved either, and Stamos takes all the acknowledgement in good humor, especially considering Netflix already renewed the Tanner-Fullers for a second season regardless.

In the meantime, savage away the nostalgia below, and stream the first episodes until Fuller House Season 2.