It’s been nearly four years since we’ve had an album from The Killers to look forward to, fortunately that could change next year.

In a recent interview with NME front man Brandon Flowers reports the band is working on material and could have that ready to go in late ’16. Flowers is fresh off the release of his solo album ‘The Desired Effect’.

The Killers fourth studio album ‘Battle Born’ was released back in 2012. Flowers has critized his own effort, calling the album ‘not good enough’. We can only hope that is enough motivation for the band to write another great album. They’ve had enough time to come up with material.

After forming in Las Vegas in 2001, the band burst onto the scene a few years later with 2004’s Hot Fuss. The Killers are the most successful band to ever come out of Nevada with album sales over 22 million.